Rider Training By Felix Schneider Sportpferde 

Every horse is different, and so is every rider.

It is vitally important for each horse and rider to take their own path in training. The various characters must be taken into account, along with talent, ability, experience and performance level. This goes for both the rider and the horse.

Each pair must thus be supported in their own way and according to their own capabilities in order to develop with joy and success.

The aim is to find a common language which can be understood and used equally by horse and rider.

When both rider and horse have the chance to gain positive experience which gives them self-confidence and supports and improves their safety, then they will be successful and have fun in the process.

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Horse Training By Felix Schneider Sportpferde 

Do you have a talented show jumper and are looking for professional training for your horse?

We decide on the desired training goals and shows together, according to the horse's age and level of training. Your horse will be optimally prepared for competition entry though horsemanship, competence and expert knowledge, and entered into tests.

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I would be happy to take the time to conduct a personal interview with you.

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